Custom Gift Boxes

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Make a customized gift box for your special occasion! Our gift boxes are excellent for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions like bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and more.


Gift Box Menu

Items and pricing included below. Packaging and shipping fees not included. Input your details below for a custom quote tailored to your style and budget.

*Discount given for large orders.*


The Basic Box

We recommend the following as your base. You can add and subtract items as you like. Minimum 3 items per box.

  • (1) Candle (any candle container/ fragrance from signature and travel collections, see options on the candles page)

  • (1) Bath bombs /or (2) Shower Steamers (see all bath product descriptions on the bath page)

  • (1) Crystal (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Geodes)


Pretty Additions

For more information about the products, please visit our candles and bath care pages.



  • Votive Candle with Custom Label (3 oz) - $10

  • Whiskey Glass Candle (12 oz) - $28

  • Amber Glass Candle (12 oz) - $28

  • Small Apothecary Glass Candle (16 oz) - $30

  • Large Apothecary Glass Candle (24 oz) - $33

Bath Care

  • Classic Bath Bomb - $7

  • Shower Steamer - 5 Pack - $17.50

  • Bath Salts in a Whiskey Glass Container w/ Bronze lid - $23

Other Fun Stuff

  • Lavender Floral Sachet - $8

  • Crystal Bobby pins - 3 for $12

  • Crystal (amethyst, rose quartz, geode) - $10

  • Looking for something else? Let’s talk.


Signature Candle Fragrances + Aromatherapy Bath Blends

Featured in our candles and bath care products.

About Our Signature Candle Fragrances

All candles are available for sale in our signature fragrance blends:

Apple Spice, Vanilla Tobacco, Limited Edition, Flower Bomb, Lavender, Bramble, Fig & Honey, Oat & Honey, Sandalwood Rose, Lemon Pinecone, Lemongrass Coconut, Ginger Bouquet

These luxurious and natural fragrances are blended with essential oils as well as plant isolates, resins, distillates, and other extracts that make for a stronger, more consistent fragrance through all stages of candles burn cycle. 

About Aromatherapy Bath Blends

All of our bath care products are available for sale in our signature aromatherapy blends:

  • Cedar, Lavender, Orange

  • Lemon, Pine, Eucalyptus

  • Orange, Eucalyptus, Mint

  • Lemon, Mint

Our aromatherapy blends are made exclusively with organic essential oils and designed to induce a deep sense of relaxation.


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